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Unleash Your Inner Viking


Motivational show with Niklas Wass applying ancient wisdom to today's challenges.

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Viking Wisdom for Modern Times
What can we learn? What can we apply?

The Vikings were known for their courage and fearlessness in the face of danger, whether in battle or during their explorations of new lands. They also possessed an openness to development and growth, building strong communities and expanding their knowledge and skills.

To apply these values to self-development, it means taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone to pursue your goals while always keeping the common good in mind. This could involve starting a new business, improving your health, build new relationships, pursuing a new hobby, participating in the community, helping others or making a major life change.

By unleashing your inner Viking, you can tap into this same spirit of bravery and curiosity, and change both your life and the world around you. So embrace your potential, take action, and let your inner Viking lead the way!

Photography: Isabelle MacKenzie

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What Nic does

Niklas' creative approach and innovative methods are truly invigorating. He has a remarkable ability to connect with both audiences and individuals, spreading positivity, energy, and the motivation to strive for change.


Niklas' message encourages listeners to release preconceived notions, strengthen their leadership skills, and move forward with empowered confidence while maintaining a sense of love, fun, and energy.

Niklas' dynamic and engaging speaking style fosters an atmosphere of inspiration and transformation, leaving audiences with a renewed sense of purpose and the motivation to make a real difference.

He has a unique talent for cultivating positivity and inspiring others to embrace their inner potential to effect meaningful change.

The Show will cover

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