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More About Nic

Niklas' magnetic personality, innovative mindset, and diverse life experiences have a profound impact on all those around him, infusing positivity, love, and humor into every interaction. Being a high school dropout and an unconventional entrepreneur, Niklas has always embraced a free-spirited approach to idea development and testing.

Niklas is a passionate advocate for promoting the art of listening worldwide, recognizing its critical role in overcoming challenges and driving growth not only in companies and organizations but also in states and countries. He founded "The Great Listening" movement to provide a global platform where individuals can connect, listen, and collaborate to achieve mutual understanding and growth. The idea for the movement arose during Almedalen Week in 2011, when Niklas was walking alongside the esteemed human rights icon, Reverend Jesse Jackson. Jackson's remark, "Hey Nic, we need this in the US," inspired Niklas to create a space where people can engage in meaningful conversations and promote change at every level. Visit to read more and join.

Niklas Wass, born in 1971 in Sweden, is a Viking reenactor, Texan at heart and proud father of three sons. He is a passionate Harley Davidson biker and has established a global network of clients and collaborations.

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