Carry the Torch

I believe strongly that we all need to pick up a torch, make that flame stronger, and light up the places that need light. I will never tell you what torch is right for you. There are millions of torches out there in the world. And if you have a brand new idea –light a new torch and have others join you.

My torch is the torch of listening – to listen with our brains and souls, not just our ears. It’s hard, because listening involves everything from what we’ve learned, to what we’ve been involved in in life. Preconceptions, religions, political affiliation, upbringing, fear, hate, love, mood, culture, sex, age, rumors, feelings and much more. Everything shapes you how to listen. The world needs the light of listening, and the world needs it’s warmth.

The world needs big listening bonfires in different places, where people can listen, discuss, find solutions and take action from others and their ideas. Places where you can respectfully agree or disagree. Places where you are not afraid of others. Places for dialogue and humanity.

Carrying a torch is awesome, but it can be weird and hard. More than once I asked myself if I’m insane, and why I’m doing it. When you are standing there with your torch it’s easy to believe people are going to laugh, say bad things about you, or worst of all – get in the way or hinder you. I can’t stand when people stand in the way of others. Sometimes I tell myself to quit. Then I watch the news and baaaam, I’m back on track.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are afraid. For me, that’s one of the most terrifying things in our society today. People that know what they want, or can see what’s needed in society, but they don’t want to put money, time or their soul and heart into it. Afraid of what? I can understand that people are afraid of losing status, money, their face and so on. But what if nobody was carrying a torch? We have to be brave, we are all in this together. And if a person is so lazy that they think they don’t need to contribute – they should just get out of the way of those who want to carry the torches.

I found my calling in life, I found my gift, I found my energy, and finally I found the balls to do it. And the weird part is that I have never felt so alive in my whole life. That feeling when you see that an idea or a conversation you had, is changing a person’s life or increasing revenue for a company. Or the energy felt when a group of people are listening to each other.

So find your torch, keep it burning and share the light! Lets make this world awesome. /Nic