Creative Advisor & Speaker

As an Advisor and Coach to politicians, senior decision makers and business owners he share his inspirational knowledge, his ideas and his international network with the aim to ignite creativity at the highest levels. As a Motivational Speaker Niklas has developed powerful public speaking style. It´s releasing, tough and empowering. Lots of love, fun and energy. No one leaves untouched. This enables him to connect with audiences and individuals to spread positivity, energy and change.


Niklas is a true creative, with a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset. He is determined to change the world through his thoughts and actions. Always in a state of change, always forging a new perspective and always outspoken and fearless. He is creating ideas and change, whilst initiating new businesses, projects or collaborations with other like-minded people. One of his life missions is to spread the concept The Great Listening all across the globe.


Choose whether your company wants to book a motivational speech or a creative workshop where Niklas can work with groups on their own challenges. If you wish to work work individually with Niklas, you can book a coaching session. Niklas can also act as a moderator at your event or as a process manager in your company’s development processes.

For USA and EMEA countries
Agent: Rick Hoteck,

For Scandinavia
Athenas Scandinavia
Agent: Christian Krusell,